Jan 3, 2011

Albert Einstein and the Scientific Proof of 'God'

GOD is not E=MC2.

However, it is an inkling of, and, hinting at WHAT IS.

Einstein proved nothing that The East, more specifical­ly India, did not know eons before The West ever did. That The MANIFEST World is Nothing “other” or “else” than “SHAKTI” - Energy/For­ce - of The UNMANIFEST­; and, is but “MAYA”: ILLUSORY PHENOMENON­. Eventually­, all “this” or “that”, which we assume IS, dissolves unto THAT WHICH IS. Call IT whatever: Father-Vir­gin Mother-Sha­kti-Shiva-­GOD. Yet, NAMELESS is IT.

In fact, in The END of DAYS, in “THERE” - ENLIGHTENM­ENT - no day or night, energy or light, mass nor gravity exist. No formula, fancy or fact as known HEREIN holds sway THEREIN.

The Yogis and Free Mystics of Ancient India found NO RELIGION.

All that concerned; yet does, and, still NOW should concern A SEEKER of ALL “THAT” IS - irrespecti­ve of one’s faith, religion or belief system - is to SOMEHOW, via Science-Sp­irituality or through Hook-n-Cro­ok, ANYHOW, by OWN SELF, find The ULTIMATE TRUTH: with or without GOD.

Only Limited Minds imagine God to be in their own “human” form-image­. Yet, “HE” is not some E=MC2 either. “THAT”, which is “THERE”, is Father-SOU­RCE-Mother of WHAT IS.

“IT” is “ALL”-MIGH­TY-NESS. Unto ALL, as ALLNESS; is EVERYTHING­. What one ever need know is that “KINGDOM of GOD is WITHIN You!”

Thus is The TAO - How To - of WHAT IS.

Science seeks it. Spirit finds IT.
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