Mar 1, 2010

Sex, Sexuality & Spirituality

Are spiritual people bores and boorish?

Religious louts may be. Not the spiritual ones.

Distinction needs be made between the religious and the spiritual; both literally and metaphysically. Today, were one to just look at the headlines, religious fundamentalists are out to either ‘harvest’ our souls or kill us ‘infidels’. Born from the loins of women, these bigots bludgeon them at every given chance or choice. Made of the same blood, bones and bodily matter, these religious bugs err. They become our self-claimed ‘baap’: self-imposed pop as if. At the drop of their pants, they denounce all those who follow not their diktats. Left to them, they are likely to circumvent our freedom and reinvent our lives to fit into their square hole rather than let us remain a free soul. This seems to be their life’s mission.

Spirituality lets us remain who we are.

It lets discover one’s Self. Agreeing or not, rather than brow beating others into submitting to one’s own evangelical agenda; a truly spiritual person would let the latter wallow in or follow their own end. Sometimes literally so! That does not mean homosexuality is condoned in spirituality. It is not.

The acceptance or legalization of homosexuality in many a Western nation has been a political decision than a spiritual one. In these ultra modern times, it seems if a person does not enjoin or endorse this fancied and favored sexual lifestyle, then, one is not liberal enough. The argument for this kind of behavior advanced by its rather articulate and political advocates is that “they are born like this!” Recently a homosexual British pop singer purposely and provocatively proclaimed Jesus was gay!

A divine fellow like Jesus never is. This is walking down the shit street. Again, literally so. It is just not possible for a Jesus or any other Buddha to be a homosexual.


Because a Self-Realized Master, such as Jesus, knows “I am in my Father, the Father in me!” This beginning and end of All That Is does not come up the ‘shit street’. It comes up front. It comes naturally. By following the Laws of Nature. This is the Unsaid, oft repeated Law of What Is. Of God; if you must.

Any free mystic worth his-her salt, during the process of seeking and finding What Is, slowly but surely learns what’s wrong and right. It is abhorrent to even imagine having sex with a child, our own daughter, sister, brother, mother or father. We know it is unnatural. Nobody has to tell us thus. It is just there in us as our inborn sense, sensibility and spirituality. Similarly, denying or not, claiming otherwise or not, homosexuality cannot become right just because some fellows start advocating it so. As for the claim of “it is in my DNA” argument; well, then, some ‘bugger’ would claim an incestuous genealogy in one’s defense for molesting one’s own family members! Others might suddenly yell “eureka!” and very conveniently ‘discover’ DNA for pedophilia! Another could defend one’s criminal or cannibalistic life with the vain excuse that it is there in one’s DNA; hence, he or she is not at fault for any damn thing whatsoever. It is ridiculous.

So what need a spiritual person do?

Seek and find What Is. 

Whosoever walks this ‘straight’ but ‘narrow’ path, over time and after much test and trial, in one’s own weird and queer manner, shall one ‘chosen’ day overcome limitations of all kinds, sexual or otherwise. It is in our DNA. The Way of Spirituality is not textual but free mystical. That is, one must learn to walk the walk and talk the talk of That Which Is.

Simply, sans semantics, it means a spiritual seeker needs let go of all preconceived notions about everything, including sex-sexuality-spirituality. Unburden one’s self of any and every textual, sexual or intellectual learning of afore. All yogic or meditative practices are meant to get us into this spiritual, free mystical mode of being. It is a non-judgmental, non-sentimental, non-religious but not irreligious sense and sensibility. In short, one becomes a spiritual being.

One does not become spiritual by following this or that ism.

Spirituality is becoming aware of The Self of Spirit.

In some yogic and free mystical texts of India it is said that in the final stage and state, when one is nearing the Buddha experience, of “I and my Father are One”; the yogi-to-be needs but three months to get That Which Is. During this time, all the classical yoga ‘yam’ and ‘niyam’ or yogic discipline and rules are per force followed: under Divine Will as if.

These spiritual, yogic and free mystical injunctions include abstinence, ‘satvic’ or pure vegetarian food, divine remembrance, drug-free meditation and total dedication to seeking and finding What Is. This or that. God or Naught. Whatever. 

Sex-sexuality, gender-bender, man-messiah, ism-religion, book or crook neither mate nor meet The Buddha in The Ultimate Reality. This is the experience of yogis and free mystics of the East.

This much all seekers need know. All else follows.

This freedom “to be or not to be” is spirituality.