Oct 21, 2010

The Mystical Experience: A Question of What's Beyond

Who is A Mystic?

Who seeks End and Answer to The Eternal Mystery. And, Truth, above all.

Whatsoever “IT” may be.

It is The Only “Religion” of Free Mystics.

It’s all that need concern any seeker, spiritualist or scientist. Hence, were a mystic to find some hell, heaven, messiah, angel, god, goddess - after initial/in­termediate mystical “happenings” - as The End Experience; then, that is what he/she shall state boldly, bravely, bare-knuckled.

Yet, this is not what The Happening is in The Final “Knowing”.

However, it would be wrong to say “IT” happens to any voyeuristic, pedantic individual. Mysticism is not The Realm of fools or philosophers but of pious, true seekers.

One’s “inherited” religion has got nothing to do with That Which Is.

But one has to, at the least, be aware and sensitive enough to realize that one must “respect” LIFE for “IT” to, in turn, “honor” the devotee. Which entails that one be A Vegetarian. Non-Vegetarianism is Bad Karma. Rest happens as is one’s Karma.

“That” Which Is has no favorites.

Whose Karma is, gets “IT”.

Yet, no New Truth EVER dawns.

What does is, one finds by one’s Own Self that “One” is The Primordial “Substance” of ALL LIFE. And, that everything and everyone is but ONE and OWN SELF in QUINTESSENCE.

“Happenings” along The Way are innumerable. Yet, in The End is UNITY.

It’s all very scientific, spiritual and surreal.


There’s nothing BEYOND “IT”.
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