Jul 26, 2010

Albert Einstein's Faith: Was the Great Physicist Spiritual?

An Open Heart with An Open Mind gets The Open Secret.

In this sense, Einstein was deeply "religious"; a discerning "spiritual" being. But averse to the idea of a "personal god". And, rightly so. His 'expansive spirit' was 'relentlessly curious'. Open to "Time-less" and "Eternal" Structure of The Ultimate Reality.

This is The Way of Yogis and Free Mystics of India.

The "view" of GOD as a "person", is a "lower" belief. Yet, this "lesser" idea of “TRUTH” exists as a tangible "reality" in East and West alike. Millions believe and die with it. None the wiser.

It is not The Way of A Free 'Spirit'. Of intelligent people.

Seek and Find. Is The Name of The Game. Of Mysticism.

Yet, much as one may respect "intelligent" minds, such as that of Einstein; to "get" THE TIMELESS REALITY, beyond "stubbornly persistent ILLUSION”, the MIND as we know it, must be transcended. Why? Because "stuff" that "mind" is made of is not "brain" but SPIRIT. 

Our mind may "perceive" or "conceive" A SENSE OF REALITY. But most of us never get "IT" as a virtual "SELF"-Experience. Failing to “get” IT, a visible section of human society becomes atheist; anti-religion. Then, ANTI-GOD.

Both "Believers" and "Infidel" Non-Believers worship an "ISM".

A "scientific" mind should not "believe" or disbelieve "blindly" any truisms. Einstein did not. Was OEPEN-HEARTED and OPEN-MINDED to WHAT IS. Thus, was more "spiritual" than most of us ever are. Or, shall ever be!

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