Jun 8, 2010


LIFE does not come from NON-LIFE.

However, The QUINTESSENCE of ALL THAT IS, life or non-life, is ONE.

So far as GOD creating LIFE; well, it is a simplistic idea of simple people from The East as well as The West. That does not mean their intentions are not good. It only means their CONCEPTION of THE DIVINE does not match THE TRUTH or REALITY AS IS.

From a YOGI or a FREE MYSTIC point of view, which relies on FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE; both the common lot from scientific community as also from the religious, make the same mistake. Both have AN IDEA about REALITY, not THE SELF-EXPERIENCE of The ULITMATE REALITY.

So, what is The TRUTH of ALPHA and OMEGA?

It is this: WHAT-SO-EVER IS, "this" or "that", is made of ONE, WHOLE, ALLNESS, IMMANANENT "STUFF", which, a normal being calls SPIRIT in REVERENCE. The Scientists and Science do not find, are unable to discover "IT". Not because they are not smart enough, but because they are not sufficiently attuned to THAT WHICH IS.

This - "WHICH IS"- does not OPEN UP to IRREVERENCE, or, to COLD HEARTS.

This is where a simple GOD-FEARING, not necessarily GOD-KNOWING, simple person scores over CLINICAL SCIENTISTS. This is where YOGIS and FREE MYSTICS succeed. It is where the clever ones fail. It is where the simple ones win.

It is the realm of THE DIVINE.

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