Apr 12, 2010

Negating Women: At Core Of Catholic Church's Hideous Criminal Indifference!

All are equal before TRUTH.

In East, Truth is God and vice-versa.

The Semitic god, imagined in Male Form, is a lower religious belief in East too. Yet, in QUANTUM SPIRITUALITY, in Metaphysical Research, ANCIENT INDIAN YOGIS found SELF of ALL to be ONE UNIVERSAL QUINTESSENCE.

In Reality, this is GOD in SELF-REALIZATION.

Innumerable visions of lustrous gods, goddesses, angels, fairies etc. in human forms come and go in meditative practices. Serious seekers in yogic milieu detachedly observe such visions or voices of LOWER/NETHER REALM of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Unfortunately, most don't get WHAT IS. In East this failure breeds GODMEN. In West it makes MESSIAHS out of men.

A rare individual becomes BUDDHA: The KNOWING ONE.

The METAPHYSICS OF AN AWAKEND ONE, from East, like Jesus was, is rarely understood. Thus, Christians, Church and West fail to grasp WHAT THE MASTER SPAKE!

Context being large, content permitted less, suffice here is to mention JESUS THE TRUE MASTER YOGI - DECIPHERING YOGIC/MYSTIC TEACHINGS OF JESUS. It’s on Display Live on GOOGLE BOOKS. Check it for AN EASTERN PERSPECTIVE on The Master’s Truth.

Nevertheless, in nutshell, “I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE” is what YOGIS in INDIA discovered as THE SELF. Identical was GOD-REALIZATION of Jesus. That is, our QUINTESSENTIAL SOUL/SELF in its MAKE is IMAGE OF GOD: in SPIRIT. Not in shape. In TRUTH, man-women-world-god et all is ONE!

Hence, who sins against woman sins against God.

Be it Church, Clergy or Christianity!

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