Mar 21, 2010

Pope, Prophet & Religious Support for Evil

An evil ideology has no place in spirituality or religion.

But who determines what’s evil or holy? Stone Age religionists or neo-irreligionists? Atheists or so-called New Age intelligentsia?

None of the above!

Most Westerners belong to Semitic religions. Rest, disgusted by resident evil and rambling devil of their inherited obsolete belief systems either turn hostile to or turn away from all religious dogmas. Majority does the latter. Much of East is under reign or writ of Islam; which brooks no opposition. Other Eastern regions have their own fancied idols and icons.

Presently, neither East nor West has it right.

Pedophilia is indefensible. Yet, homosexuality too doesn’t become ‘natural’ by pushing through this agenda politically. Expecting all to accept it or any such issues as a god-given norm is simplistic.

Yet, popes and prophets are but ordinary people. They are as fallible as any of us. Were one to go by their deeds many a Biblical prophet and past pope would be put behind bars under modern day justice system!

Problem isn’t with popes or prophets but with people and philosophy.

We just do not know What Is. Science knows a little. Yet, its prophecy too falls flat on its ass every now and then.

Thus, until we as a people self-realize that quintessentially, scientifically and spiritually, Whatsoever Is but One Unified Whole is, humankind shall continue to be crude and cruel than kind and considerate.

Till death do us apart!

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