Mar 17, 2017

How can we overcome the fear of death?

All birthed, unto dust become earth.
That which is born, loves life, and therefore, fears death. It is the norm.
However, from a metaphysical point of view, there is no death. But then, from the same perspective, there is no birth either.
How can that be? Is it not some mumbo-jumbo of nut-heads?
Well, from both a higher scientific and an evolved spiritual understanding, this whole world of names and forms is, eventually and essentially, a non.
That is, when matter is “broken down” to its “bones” as if, the residue is not more or less empirical matter but energy. Now, beyond this break-down of material “matter”, and finding it as energy, science does not get anything - except a whole lot of nothing!
Having worked itself to death, and trying to find the “God Particle” as though, science comes croppers. It finds no “thing” beyond matter’s energy. On this much, or little, science works. Beyond it, even the best of the theoretical physicists fail to catch.
To put it simply, the Principle Cause of “all this” escapes the reach of science.
Oh, they , the so-called “brahmins of science”, the “holy cow” of human brains, the scientists and the intellectuals do speculate to death about the reason of the causation and the dissolution of the cosmos. But to date, all that they have been able to conjure up is that all this that we see “here” is about a couple of billion years old, brought into life by some “big bang”.
Mind you, it is no science. Just speculation. As good as any. Yours or mine.
The best the “gods of science” have been able to come up with is, that in some bang-banging of atoms, an explosion came about. Out of which, by itself, without the help of any “hidden hand”, this marvelously well-organized world came into being.
In other words, a certain god-forsaken chemical interaction gave us life. And hence, it, this self induced chemical reaction is our god, if you are looking for one! Therefore, do not look!
But do, as anyone with a little bit of brains must.
So, what is it that higher metaphysics knows, and which even the best of physicists do not?
It is that energy, becoming subtle, and yet more, to its deepest core, becomes less yet more! It, energy, delved unto the End, reveals itself as non-energy, and thenceforth, as Essence. As wind is air is space!
Similarly so, having delved unto the dust of no-thing-ness, since lost times the freemystics have been reporting, at least here in India, that all empirical or earthly matter self-reveals itself to be a “non-thing”.
Not a nothing, but “no thing”, not even energy. Nor a thing or stuff of some sort of a “material essence”. But Cosmic Self-Essence.
Simplifying it further, it may be said that the matter that seemingly our body is, the energy our being similarly seeming is - in core-essence thereafter, seen single-eyed - in cosmic rapture finds its self-essence to be nothing other or else than the Cosmic Self.
As the drop reveals itself to be but water, and the earth as dust, thus identical is the Revelation of the Cosmic Self.
It is told that the observing-self of every karmically blessed spiritual seeker, finds the “wise serpent” within - the metaphysical “son of God” or the ‘kundalini’ power, so far lying dormant at the base of the human spine - getting “awakened”.
It is then, “raised up” by a hidden hand as though. And the yogi, with bodily eyes closed but the ethereal “single eye” open, sees the “life” of the body leave the body, and stand outside of itself - literally so! - as “a point of existence”.
Looking at own-self, this “existential eye of metaphysical non-entity” grasps then on that it is “something”, but is not the bodily being it had taken itself to be, till then. And thence, this “self-observing point of reference” is taken to a transcendental revelation, and unfolding of the Self.
And if truth be told, then, the about to be Buddha thenceforth witnesses many a wondrous metaphysical vision. Until it all ends, as magnificently as it had begun. And “whatever is left thereof”, though yet “feeling” itself as “life energy”, that suddenly it “collapses” - unto the Self of What Is.
And this, self-witnessing “son of God” - so to say - finds its self to be the Whole of All. That is, the born stands “alive” as the Unborn.
Alone. In unison with its Cosmic Self. As the Absolute.
Wherever “It” looks, it finds all to be Own Self. The whole cosmos, it finds as own-self. There is no “other” self thereNot even of a this or that self of a god of some sort! But ONE SELF.
Having discovered in that surreal moment of existence that all self is One Self, the self-witnessing completes itself.
From this unity consciousness, of the self-realization of being the Universal Self, the “It” of What Is finds itself again in the realm of dual-consciousness. The Cosmic Oneness of Infinitude now, becomes aware that it is “back”!
From self-discovering itself to be the Infinite Unity of All, to being the mortality of the bodily entity et all. That is, from God to man, again!
Thus, my friend, is the Journey unto the Universal Self.
This is the “life” in you, me, and our enemies too. “It” is a Unified Wholeness, in Infinity and in Eternity. This “son of God” resides, as the “kingdom of heaven” within us allAs the “make” of God, as if.
You are this! Deathless, foreverness.
The body dies. ‘That’ which makes up all that is, does not. “It” is the “make” of us all. In other words, we are thus literally made in the make of God!
What is there to fear, but non-knowledge?
Those who do not get “It”, fear death. “Get” IT. And life fearlessly.

Feb 13, 2017

How can we get a sense of humour?

Only by developing a holistic attitude about life in particular, and people in general, can we enable ourselves to see the humorous side of life, without going for the vein in our own jugular.
For, a sense of humour entails seeing the nonsensical absurdity in our daily life - sad, tough or happy as it may be - without going bonkers.
Therefore, to have a sense of humour we must have a life!
This means one has to have the will to life.
That is, one must not give up on life no matter what. For, living is easier said than done.
Life breaks the toughest of us all.
The only difference between people is that the tough amongst us will ourselves to be strong enough to hold on in rough times, while the lesser integrated ones amidst us fall, unable to get up thereafter, withering with the times.
A person with a sense of humour is a philosopher or sorts.
He or she mulls over life, and looking around, decides its better to live than die. And having settled the issue of living thus, the better “rounded-up” amongst us do not cry for our mamma in make or break times, but dare to daddy the vulnerable times.
And thenceforth, understanding life wholesomely, one cries sometimes, but also laughs wholeheartedly, willingly or unwillingly, most of the time.
The laugh comes because life does.
A better “held-up” person, perforce has to have a sense of humour because he/she gets it that otherwise, life coming as it does - inevitably and unstop-ably - would crush him/her for the bug he/she is.
For, all of us are bugs. Some with bigger butts, others with no butt but many buts!
It is thus to be understood that life is a gift. And for all that most of us know, maybe just given once. Hence, we must make a peppy popsicle when given pepper!
Though as a freemystic of sorts, I cannot refrain from pitching in that it, life, comes and keeps coming death after death till the end of the times, until we get the “It” of it all.
That all that is seen or unseen is but a dream, and we the cream within the dream!
So, to have a sense of humour is to appreciate life. Wholesomely, and fully. Accepting the good times with a smile, and the bad times without going senile!
Humour binds us to the boundless.
It makes us free. To punch in the nose even God, if need be!
Hence, to have a sense of humour we must learn to appreciate all the colours of life, staying colour-blind. That is, enabling ourselves to taking well the differences between us - as people to people, and betwixt differing faiths and cultures - without developing an incurable ulcer.
In effect, it means seeing the unity of all that be amidst the seemingly duality.
Having thus developed a keen sense of a philosophical and an objective viewing and innate understanding - accompanied by a nonsensical sense of the absurd - one can accumulate better information about what is or is not.
It - the resulting sprouting seed of a little humour - opens up our mind, so far closeted with our inherited isms and ideologies. Thus freeing us not only from the crappy part of our ancestral inheritance, but also from our own crap and nonsense!
And a free man is a fuller, a funnier man.
For, he’s his own man. 

Jan 21, 2017

What happens to us after death? Do we walk simultaneously with time?

Death or time are but only a unit of measure. In dual-consciousness. Unreal outside of it.
But before we go into the specifics of both death and time, we’ve to understand the metaphysical truth and reality of life. That is, we must ask, and discover for ourselves as to “What is LIFE?”
Thus far, science has found that beyond a certain point, at the quantum level or at the basic nitty-gritty functioning of the “seen” life, the ultra nuclear and composite parts of the atom “vanish” unto an existence beyond even energy. And thereafter, they do not follow the laws of known physics. In fact, henceforth, the composite and quantum parts of the atom defy all known laws of science. Doing their own bit as though. Beyond science. Not “giving a crap” for empirical science as if!
Hence, it may be said that after gleefully announcing that all “matter” is “energy”, the present knowledge of science fails. For, today’s science does not know, nor does it “get” the ‘THAT’ of WHAT IS after the energy or the movement aspect of existence. Then the “seers” and soothsayers of science, the theoretical physicists take over. Creating cacophony, breaking silence.
And so, like the pundits of astrology, reaching the end of their tither and teachings, the armchair know-it-all of today’s science pronounce us and our life as an incestuous outcome of an inexplicable chemical orgy with its own “dead” liturgy!
However, it must be said, not all scientists pronounce God dead.
In fact, Nobel prize winning quantum physicists as Max Planck, and many others like him, akin the freemystics of the earliest of times in India, have concluded that the so-called life-energy (shakti) which is said to move the world, is birthed by an Immanent and an Infinite Eternity and Unity of the Universal (Shiva) Consciousness.
Simply put, it may be said that an ever alive unity consciousness runs unto the assumed hell and the presumed heaven, and the hereafter and thereafter of all that is!
Whatsoever Is comes from it, goes unto it, lives unto and as ‘IT’.
In other words, long after science has anointed us as the bastards of incestuous chemicals mating with its own “dead” siblings, the enlightened beings discover in light of the “Revelation” of Self Realization, that nothing is ever dead, least of all God! And that in fact, whatever exists now or hence further as the “seen” phenomenon “here” or “there” is but an unreal shadow of it’s “Father” and “Mother” the Unseen Universal Unity Consciousness.
“IT”, the driving force or the siring source of the seen and the unseen is ever-present, forever-alive, and is the ‘That’ of ‘Which Is’ - simultaneously the ever-ness of the inside and the all-ness of the outside.
In short, all that exists or is perceived as this existence is but a foreverness coming and going as if unto its own UNIVERSAL SELF.
More simply put, it may be said that at the core level - as the quantum or the end reality, and its “life substratum” - is but an immanent indivisible infinity, eternally “masquerading” as this or that. Seen or unseen, a living or a deadened being. As something, or nothing. As life, and death. And visible, but as an illusory and as a transitory energy-form of this or that kind. As you and I. As too the world.
In sum, there is no life, death or time in Unity Consciousness.
This self-revelation is the metaphysical end report of the freemystics of the world, anywhere. At any time. Every time. Yet every time - except in India - these sages and seers are nailed to the cross for saying ‘IT’ as is. That is, for telling in simple words that “I and my Father are One.” Like Jesus. Or by Sufi saints of time past, declaring Oneness with That Which Is - GOD!
In other words, though ALL IS ONE, yet saying IT openly and aloud, the beastly beings of times past have put to death many an enlightened being. Now days the know-it-all bums of isms - be they of a religious-nut-ism or a snootier than thou atheism either declare a non-necessity for God, or seek a forced bowing to a beastly god of their own. Neither kind the Truth own!
And the truth is that in the Absolute of What Is, besides a no-thing-ness and an everything-ness as the Ultimate Reality, no “thing” is. Not even time. Neither life, nor death. Or a god. But an Infinite Whole, as the All.
Thus after death, in life or before life and hereafter, a deathless timelessness exists as the inside-ness and the outside-ness of all existence.
The seen “matter” of existence, this world, is a mirage of this ‘IT’-ness.
And IT, the Oneness of Eternity is the Infinitude of our ‘self’ or soulAs the “manifest” or the seen aspect of the ‘That’ of Which Is, we find ourselves as a this or that being, and as living here in this universe.
Yet, in the ultimate analysis and as the absolute truth, neither “this” assumed world or “that” presumed heaven or hell exists “out There”.
Just a Singularity sans duality exists.
We are ‘That’. Once “all this” is broken down, burnt to the smithereens so to say, then, nothing but an eternal everything-ness is the goddess of Godliness. As God as if.
It is immanent, infinite, indivisible, invincible timeless deathless-ness. Of this “make” all are.
Be it religious nuts, atheists, infidels or simply just the nuts amongst us. 

Dec 4, 2016

Is God an energy?

The self-anointed “enlightened” populace of these very unenlightened times may theorize and think so, but it is not so simple. In fact, it’s simplistic to assume that the Absolute, that most of us refer to as God, is some kind of an energy.
Now days even the notion that “all is energy” is floating around as though some great ancient secret has been found out! Oh yes, on a superficial level, what you see “here” in “forms”, is the manifestation of energy. Of what? Of that ‘Which Is’. And it is much more than mere energy. Thus, in turn, so is God.
But God is just not simply energy.
Now, the question that demands answering is, “So, what is God?”
For this, we’ve to go unto the metaphysics of “It” - the ‘That’ of Whatsoever Is. Again, another query crops up unquestioningly - “What is it That Which Is?”
Okay then, here goes!
This is what happens in “Awakening”, in Self-Realization or God-Realization or Enlightenment or Self-Actualization etc., that is, in the self-enfolding of God, so to say:-
  • The “life force” or the “son of God” or “kundalini” or the “wise serpent” - the metaphysical terms used for ‘That’ which is in us all, at the base of the spine - it “rises up”.
  • It is a creamish-yellow serpentine “cosmic energy” within us, as the soul of our life as if, rising up, it sort of “steps out” of the bodily form of the meditating physical entity.
  • One could say, the soul “shakti” - the power of our life and being - now, “standing outside” of the bodily form of the worthy seeker meditating, looks at it, and comprehends the obvious - that he or she is not the name-form and gender-born body, but more.
  • Thereafter, after innumerable visions of this and that, including conceived deities of one’s own or of others imbibed or heard, the “observer” - in the formless form - finds itself as the all of every cosmic form.
  • At his juncture, magically as if, this formless, conscious point of energy “ceases”, like a full stop that never was!
  • Thence, the “observing self” becomes being-less, seemingly energy-less; and just a space-less “I-ness” of the whole stratosphere of the cosmos.
  • This “I” finds itself as the Cosmic Oneness of All That Is.
  • No energy of any kind is in this everything-ness.
  • No gods or god-men, hell nor heaven are “live” in this Allness.
  • The Only God then, and “There”, is but the Godliness of Wholeness.
  • Therefore, the God that is found “out there”, is an Infinite Oneness.
  • No god of any ism - yours nor mine - in any name-form, has abode in this Eternal Infinitude.
  • No energy, spirit or similar “something” is “left standing” in the One “I” of the Whole.
  • Each and every part of the cosmic existence is but One, a Single “I”, an Indivisible Unity of What Is.
  • A divine unity of all that is, as an unbroken whole, is the Only God “out there”.
  • The Self is All That Is, big and small, as the Whole of the All.
Having thus witnessed the Universal Self as the Infinitude Within, the I-am-All” Consciousness of the Buddha “returns” to its dual-conscious bodily entity - as its “shakti” - as a whirling cosmic force and surreal energy.
This “shakti” and cosmic force and power of the One Infinite Divine Unity, becoming the “breadth of life” of the meditating being, takes on the form of the bodily entity.
And the now “Awakened One”, having witnessed the Self as the Universal Self, seeks nothing thereafterNot even the Self.
For “It” has been self-realized!
So, to answer your question simply, no! God is neither energy nor non-energy, but the Eternal Source of What Is - the All of the Whole.
And you, my friend, in quintessence of your soul-self, are That! Which Is.
Amazing, isn’t it? But then, who “gets” IT! 

Nov 5, 2016

Why do some people use the word 'OM' in meditation? What is it's significance? Is it of any use to the seekers?

Yes, and no!
That is to say, well, yes OM or AUM may have significance in a certain limited context in the metaphysical realm. But at the Absolute level, no. For, the Ultimate is self-created, unconditioned, eternal reality of What Is. Not sound, but silence is the natural state of being of That Which Is.
Yet, it does seem to do something or the other in the seeker, while chanting it.
Some ancients are inclined to think of OM or AUM as the “sound of the universe” - of the cosmic existence. Frankly, it is not.
However, it may be heard were one to meditate upon it. It is not the end experience though. That is, at the moment of ‘THAT’ which is the IT of all, no such sound is heard. Nor does it enter into the calculation of the Finality of it all. During the Revelation of What Is.
But does chanting OM or AUM has some metaphysical significance for the meditating being? Does it enhance one’s “performance” as if, and help in “getting” the ‘That’ of the Final Reality - of “finding” God, so to say? Well, it seems to help. Sages of afore, the ancient freemystics of India do favour its usage. For, this particular sound -OM/AUM is definitely heard at some stage during one’s seeking.
Therefore, this much is sure - OM or AUM is a “checked out”, a proven metaphysical “happening” that occurs in the seeking of ‘IT’. One may benefit from it, as one may from a sound guiding us towards our destination. Like say, a friend you are going to visit, hailing you in the dark and guiding your steps as though toward the path leading to his house in the night.
So, yes it is helpful in leading the seeker to the path, of That Which Is.
But could one do without it? In short, were one not to chant OM or AUM during meditation or in the process of one’s seeking, could one yet get the Ultimate Truth? To that the answer is a definite YES.
One can, and does, get the Absolute without any preconditioned thinking or actions -including the chanting of the aforesaid word.
For, eventually the enfolding of the “god particle”, so to say, is unbound to any doings or undoing of one’s own. It is a matter of Grace.
IT, the DIVINE REALITY, dawns upon whom it may.
Even upon a fool. But a “divine fool”, needless to say. Simply put, the Truth or Enlightenment may dawn upon the devotee who “pleases” the Universal Self - that which most of humankind address as the “Lord Almighty”.
Though the almighty reality is no human-like entity, it must be clarified.
Thus the question arises, “Should a seeker chant OM/AUM in one’s meditative practice?” Of course, one should.
Could one do without it? Indeed one may.
Though one should not. For a wise seeker does not ignore sagacious advise. Especially so if in taking up the “good word” benefits somehow in one’s quest for ‘IT’ - the Truth of Whatsoever Is.
Be a divine fool, if you have to be a fool.
Om. ~_~