Nov 5, 2016

Why do some people use the word 'OM' in meditation? What is it's significance? Is it of any use to the seekers?

Yes, and no!
That is to say, well, yes OM or AUM may have significance in a certain limited context in the metaphysical realm. But at the Absolute level, no. For, the Ultimate is self-created, unconditioned, eternal reality of What Is. Not sound, but silence is the natural state of being of That Which Is.
Yet, it does seem to do something or the other in the seeker, while chanting it.
Some ancients are inclined to think of OM or AUM as the “sound of the universe” - of the cosmic existence. Frankly, it is not.
However, it may be heard were one to meditate upon it. It is not the end experience though. That is, at the moment of ‘THAT’ which is the IT of all, no such sound is heard. Nor does it enter into the calculation of the Finality of it all. During the Revelation of What Is.
But does chanting OM or AUM has some metaphysical significance for the meditating being? Does it enhance one’s “performance” as if, and help in “getting” the ‘That’ of the Final Reality - of “finding” God, so to say? Well, it seems to help. Sages of afore, the ancient freemystics of India do favour its usage. For, this particular sound -OM/AUM is definitely heard at some stage during one’s seeking.
Therefore, this much is sure - OM or AUM is a “checked out”, a proven metaphysical “happening” that occurs in the seeking of ‘IT’. One may benefit from it, as one may from a sound guiding us towards our destination. Like say, a friend you are going to visit, hailing you in the dark and guiding your steps as though toward the path leading to his house in the night.
So, yes it is helpful in leading the seeker to the path, of That Which Is.
But could one do without it? In short, were one not to chant OM or AUM during meditation or in the process of one’s seeking, could one yet get the Ultimate Truth? To that the answer is a definite YES.
One can, and does, get the Absolute without any preconditioned thinking or actions -including the chanting of the aforesaid word.
For, eventually the enfolding of the “god particle”, so to say, is unbound to any doings or undoing of one’s own. It is a matter of Grace.
IT, the DIVINE REALITY, dawns upon whom it may.
Even upon a fool. But a “divine fool”, needless to say. Simply put, the Truth or Enlightenment may dawn upon the devotee who “pleases” the Universal Self - that which most of humankind address as the “Lord Almighty”.
Though the almighty reality is no human-like entity, it must be clarified.
Thus the question arises, “Should a seeker chant OM/AUM in one’s meditative practice?” Of course, one should.
Could one do without it? Indeed one may.
Though one should not. For a wise seeker does not ignore sagacious advise. Especially so if in taking up the “good word” benefits somehow in one’s quest for ‘IT’ - the Truth of Whatsoever Is.
Be a divine fool, if you have to be a fool.
Om. ~_~

Oct 2, 2016

How can one overcome the fear of death?

All birthed, unto dust become earth.
That which is born, loves life, and therefore, fears death. It is the norm.
However, from a metaphysical point of view, there is no death. But then, from the same perspective, there is no birth either.
How can that be? Is it not some mumbo-jumbo of nut-heads?
Well, from both a higher scientific and an evolved spiritual understanding, this whole world of names and forms is, eventually and essentially, a non.
That is, when matter is “broken down” to its “bones” as if, the residue is not more or less empirical matter but energy. Now, beyond this break-down of material “matter”, and finding it as energy, science does not get anything - except a whole lot of nothing!
Having worked itself to death, and trying to find the “God Particle” as though, science comes croppers. It finds no “thing” beyond matter’s energy. On this much, or little, science works. Beyond it, even the best of the theoretical physicists fail to catch.
To put it simply, the Principle Cause of “all this” escapes the reach of science.
Oh, they , the so-called “brahmins of science”, the “holy cow” of human brains, the scientists and the intellectuals do speculate to death about the reason of the causation and the dissolution of the cosmos. But to date, all that they have been able to conjure up is that all this that we see “here” is about a couple of billion years old, brought into life by some “big bang”.
Mind you, it is no science. Just speculation. As good as any. Yours or mine.
The best the “gods of science” have been able to come up with is, that in some bang-banging of atoms, an explosion came about. Out of which, by itself, without the help of any “hidden hand”, this marvelously well-organized world came into being.
In other words, a certain god-forsaken chemical interaction gave us life. And hence, it,this self induced chemical reaction is our god, if you are looking for one! Therefore, do not look!
But do, as anyone with a little bit of brains must.
So, what is it that higher metaphysics knows, and which even the best of physicists do not?
It is that energy, becoming subtle, and yet more, to its deepest core, becomes less yet more! It, energy, delved unto the End, reveals itself as non-energy, and thenceforth, as Essence. As wind is air is space!
Similarly so, having delved unto the dust of no-thing-ness, since lost times the freemystics have been reporting, at least here in India, that all empirical or earthly matter self-reveals itself to be a “non-thing”.
Not a nothing, but “no thing”, not even energy. Nor a thing or stuff of some sort of a “material essence”. But Cosmic Self-Essence.
Simplifying it further, it may be said that the matter that seemingly our body is, the energy our being similarly seeming is - in core-essence thereafter, seen single-eyed - incosmic rapture finds its self-essence to be nothing other or else than theCosmic Self.
As the drop reveals itself to be but water, and the earth as dust, thus identical is theRevelation of the Cosmic Self.
It is told that the observing-self of every karmically blessed spiritual seeker, finds the “wise serpent” within - the metaphysical “son of God” or the ‘kundalini’ power, so far lying dormant at the base of the human spine - getting “awakened”.
It is then, “raised up” by a hidden hand as though. And the yogi, with bodily eyes closed but the ethereal “single eye” open, sees the “life” of the body leave the body, and stand outside of itself - literally so! - as “a point of existence”.
Looking at own-self, this “existential eye of metaphysical non-entity” grasps then on that it is “something”, but is not the bodily being it had taken itself to be, till then. And thence, this “self-observing point of reference” is taken to a transcendental revelation, and unfolding of the Self.
And if truth be told, then, the about to be Buddha thenceforth witnesses many a wondrous metaphysical vision. Until it all ends, as magnificently as it had begun. And“whatever is left thereof”, though yet “feeling” itself as “life energy”, that suddenly it“collapses” - unto the Self of What Is.
And this, self-witnessing “son of God” - so to say - finds its self to be the Whole of All. That is, the born stands “alive” as the Unborn.
Alone. In unison with its Cosmic Self. As the Absolute.
Wherever “It” looks, it finds all to be Own Self. The whole cosmos, it finds as own-self.There is no “other” self thereNot even of a this or that self of a god of some sort! But ONE SELF.
Having discovered in that surreal moment of existence that all self is One Self, the self-witnessing completes itself.
From this unity consciousness, of the self-realization of being the Universal Self, the “It” of What Is finds itself again in the realm of dual-consciousness. TheCosmic Oneness of Infinitude now, becomes aware that it is “back”!
From self-discovering itself to be the Infinite Unity of All, to being the mortality of the bodily entity et all. That is, from God to man, again!
Thus, my friend, is the Journey unto the Universal Self.
This is the “life” in you, me, and our enemies too. “It” is a Unified Wholeness, in Infinity and in Eternity. This “son of God” resides, as the “kingdom of heaven” within us allAs the “make” of God, as if.
You are this! Deathless, foreverness.
The body dies. ‘That’ which makes up all that is, does not. “It” is the “make” of us all. In other words, we are thus literally made in the make of God!
What is there to fear, but non-knowledge?
Those who do not get “It”, fear death. “Get” IT. And life fearlessly. ~_~

Sep 1, 2016

What colour do you see in deep meditation?

At the epitome of meditation, the only thing which is seen is ‘That’ - the Absolute of All That Be colored by the Ultimate Truth.
Simply put, in the deepest ‘SAMADHI’ - the absorption and establishment unto the Stateless State of What Is - when the intellect and the being are ‘One’ with “It”, the Absolute Reality and Truth - all is seen as ONE SELF. That is, the “Awakened One” self-realizes that All is an Infinite Whole.
Out “there” then, is but the Universal Self of All, as the Godliness of Whatever Is.
In effect, it means the Realized One thereof is “colored” as though by Oneness and Unity of All That Is. And hence, metaphysically, the meditating being knows in person, by self-experience, that each and everything is after all the “colour” of the Self.
Hence, the Enlightened One understands beyond doubt that when all’s established in “One” - overcoming duality, and dual-consciousness - then, each and everything is seen and self-realized as one’s OWN SELF, in quintessence, at End. As too at the Beginning.
Thus, in enlightenment, the only colour is the colour of Oneness, and One.
However, even in normal meditation one does “see colours”; only more luminous, brighter, magical, and more majestic than one finds them existing in normal life.
The colours seen in deeper meditation are stupendously supra-colored, surreal, and “more real” in every sense.
In fact, the permutations and combinations of colours that come into the vision of anadvanced devotee and mediating being are so infinitely and divinely lovely, that one would not want to come out of it hence!
The colours “shown” to the Divine One - that one amongst the seekers and the devotes who is the best of the best, the “chosen one” amongst the seeking ones, the meekest of the meek, more humble than all the rest - they shine infinitely brighter and better and more beautifully than the most luminous of stars and the galaxies, we see normally while looking up at the sky.
The most beautiful site that you have seen “here”, is but lowly “there”.
In fact, while witnessing these ‘colored visions”, one would rather die there and then, than wake-up to another reality!
So wondrously magical and colossally colorful is the “live” colour scenario -seen in the “single eye” of the divinely anointed devotee and seeker - that one may even lose interest in this mundane life as seen here.
Sometimes, before even fully and truly waking up in the morning, the “live show” of the ever-changing cosmic colour-manifestation, may so overwhelm one with such a monstrously magnificent “divine vision” that all that one can mutter is “Oh my God!”
And then, one would perhaps prefer to “rest in peace” unto it, were one not required to get up to another day, in this God-given gift of a divine life.
Oh, at times, “visions” of “ever-evolving coloring” may dawn, even awake!
So, welcome to the world of meditation.
But beware, sometimes - maybe for a long-long time - all that you may see could be a nothingness, a blankness so steep, a darkness so deep that you would cry and weep!
Now, grasp the most important metaphysical lesson vis-a-vis meditation.
DO NOT burden yourself - by “forcing oneself” - to “wanna see” the fancied “things” in a meditative state. That is, sit in a childlike devotion to ‘That Which Is’, to “get” IT. And NOT with the roaming heart and eye of a Romeo, wanting to see this and that.
SEEK the TRUTH. Nothing less.
And “all things” shall be added unto you! Even the Colour of the Absolute Truth. 

Aug 1, 2016

Who can be called SECULAR?

A person who can entertain all ideas and isms equably without taking sides is secular.
Whether one believes in one religion or the other - perhaps even vehemently opposed to each other - but is yet able to humanely and holistically nurture no ill-will but goodwill for all, is secular.
Thus, it neither belief nor non-belief that determines one’s secularism; but the ability to digest all the inedible parts of all, including one’s own ism. And then, burp loud with a belly laugh! Then, hell, he or she is jolly well secular. Akin God!
Broadly, a nutty atheist or a religious nutcase could both be considered secular - so long they’re able to laugh at each other sans malice. And are nice to one another, harboring not a wish or will to harm the other. With or without god.
Then, and only then, will either of the extremes - believers and non-believers - could be thought of as being secular like the dishy cake with the “oh-my-god” delicious cream! Otherwise, all one-sided and the lop-sided, of all sides, are non-secular.
In fact, only a secular person can get beyond the limits set and settled by the mind.
Hence, it’s no wonder that the metaphysical truth does not dawn on religious nutsbut comes to play at the feet of those seekers who are the humblest of the most humble, and the meekest of the meek.
It’s the reason why the Ultimate Reality - as a firsthand “self-experience”, and as a “personal” self-realization - come running into the open arms of the freed-of-mind mystics than the full-of-it closeted armchair philosophers, theoretical physicists and the so-called “brainy” empirical scientists.
This is not to belittling the excellent spirits like the divine lot amongst the quantum scientists, who, could look beyond the obvious, and “get” that “all this” we see “here” is but a chimera, a mirage, just a thought. And that beyond and behind the “seen” world of thoughts and images lies a quintessential innate unity as god, as though. Of each and everything, and everybody.
Even of the imagined foe of religious nuts - ah! the “kafir”, and the infidel lot.
Therefore, in spirit and in truth, a person cannot be really and truly secular unless he-she finally gets it that only fools follow follies. That a wiser person - a secular person - looks beyond the apparent differences et all.
And understanding the worldly phenomena as a make-believe, he-she concisely and comprehensively - without an iota of an inner or an outer doubt and pretense - comprehends fully and truly the infinite immanence of the Onenes in and as the All.
On a mundane level, if we can just tolerate each other - broken as we all are by the vicissitudes of life, burdened by the infinitude of it all - and not cut the throats of each other, living civilly and peacefully with all; we, the peace-loving but the miserable human lot may yet be lumped as secular.
Ah, we, the broken, brow-beaten, bulldozed, bullshitting silly children of God!
Including the god-less amongst us all.
May we all be secular.

Jul 2, 2016

Of What Use Is Living IF We're To Die Anyway?

To be born, living, and then, dying, is no trifling.

Beasts are born, do whatever with each other, hence procreate, and then die. Ever a beast.
Were we humans to do the same, and no more, we too would be non-different from the common-lot animals. Is this all that we are - another species of simple animals? Who are we? Are we just some two-footed beasts, and nothing more? What are we? Where do we come from, where do we go? Are we just the body, or something more?

An intelligent person perforce, at some point of time in life, asks such questions of himself or herself. If one does not, one must. Otherwise one may well be dead already, come and gone. Without a coo, ever a cuckoo. An unsung life, its melody lost, sans a thong.

So, why the hell are we here?

We are here for Self-Realization.

That is, we are here to live a joyful life - by getting the Nature of Reality. To understand ourselves. Better still, we are here to "get" the Self - the inner "make" of our life, and the true nature of the universe we live in. In a nutshell, we are not here to be insane with ourselves, or be stupid with others; but to discover our true self - the Universal Self.

Now, the question arises, "How the hell do we get to know whatever all this is?"

Obviously, our normal everyday understanding of things just makes us simple fellows, if not simpletons. That is to say we normally get it only so far that we are "something" alive. And are seemingly but some sort of bumbling biological entities. Soon chemicals! We die.

Where do we go then, after death? In fact, how the hell do we get here?

Are we just a silly folly, here because of a little hanky-panky done by our parents? 

Metaphysically, it is held by freemystics of a higher "knowing" everywhere, that until and unless we "get" the Self - our inner reality - we are born again and again, ad infinitum. As a lower, or a higher species, as per our karma. As a direct consequence of our good or bad deeds.

Thus, we either evolve, or we devolve.

And thereof, either we get a basic understanding of who we are, or we do not. If we do, we live and die not entirely a dumb idiot, but with at least with an inkling of and about where we are going hereafter - in the after life, and after death. Or we are lost. Live, and die similarly. In the embrace of Which Is, or lost forever unto what is not.

Simply stated that would imply that we either die knowingly, and peacefully unto the realm of the Ultimate Truth; or we live and die unknowingly, a simplistic superstitious myth.

Without understanding All That Be, we live-die sans closure.

How so? Well, analogically, it's akin the case of an adopted orphan, who, though adjusting fine with his foster family, nevertheless feels an inexplicable pang in his heart to find his biological parents. We have heard of, and read about many a case world over, wherein a man or a woman has searched for his or her biological family for years and years. Sometimes finding it, other times not. Seeking closure of some sort.

It is "closure" that we humans seek, in worldly and other worldly matters.

In other words, we seek answers. To all mundane, and metaphysical, questions that vex usLacking closure, that is, unable to get the necessary answer to vital questions that trouble us endlessly, most of us are ever ill at ease, perhaps ceaselessly unhappy. To the extent that we live and die similarly - never at peace with ourselves, or with the world at large.
Hence, we live-die a wrong, wrongly, or a wining wronged thing. Homeless.

Yet it may be said that even a religious nutcase could die happily. For, he or she could believe that a place in heaven is guaranteed him or her just because one has followed one's faith fully. Despite the fact that throughout his or her whole life, all one may have been doing could be merely being a bigot, a buffoon, a beastly bully.

Alternatively, an atheist may live-die happily too. For, unlike the believers, he-she may think we are all a nothing, come-gone a non. A bio-chemical something, maybe not even a thing.
Others with some different ideas about the Ultimate Reality, may well believe that they come from such and such place, and are going thereof, to their tribal god. And that the rest of the people are going to hell, for they are the non-believing lot!

Therefore, each of us is capable of living-dying an untruth.

Then again, it may be asked, "What difference does it make how we live? Knowing, or not knowing What Is? For, eventually, none escapes. And we all die, don't we?"

So, it may not be too illegitimate to think that one could just do whatever the hell one likes - good, bad, ugly or even evil. And that all gods are fairy tales of foolish men! Hence, we are all free to do whatever, however, ever and forever! With no consequences! For, there is no meaning to life, is there?

The Truth is nobody's keep.

It is what it is. So, what is the Universal Truth? That which would be true in all times, at all times, for all times, be it of the past or even in the future? Till the end of times.

From Self-Realization, the postulated Eternal Truth of Life - as known to the sages, yogis, sufis, and unbound spiritual freethinkers and freemystics of the world, especially that of India since the ancient times - in all ages through, every time, is this:

  • All is One, Whole.
  • Hence, in essence, all's one.
  • Therefore, all life is One Life.
  • The seen world is a transitory mirage, in One.
  • ONE 'that' IS, is indivisible, ever whole, and infinite.
  • Born of Infinity, all is forever an unending panorama, till eternity.
  • This Forever-ness, from which all is seemingly born, can be known.
  • "It" - the Ultimate Reality and Truth - is the birthright of all that is born.
  • Hence, we, as human beings, in due karmic period and time, can "get" What Is. For, born of "It", its wholesomeness cannot be denied to us.
  • This process is called SELF-REALIZATION. Herein, a blessed and a chosen devotee is "taken" to the Within. And in due time, maybe after innumerable births, one's self-essence is "shown" to be All That Is.
  • Thereafter, the self-realized "knowing one", gets it - that at the quantum level, in quintessence, being inseparable from the Whole - the One in All is neither born nor dies. And is ever One, Whole.
  • "Tat tvum asi!" - THAT YOU ARE! Beyond the persistent illusion, of the "here" seen mirage of manifest life, we are the forever-ness of existence. Come, nor gone!

Can this Oneness of life be known scientifically too?

Quantum physicists do point us towards this end reality of the universe. That all's an unbroken whole. All "this" that we see as "manifest world" seems real because it is a "persistent illusion". And in quintessence all's just energy, not "matter" as such. Therefore, what we value much "here", eventually, is not much!

Ultimate Reality does not differ much, scientifically or spiritually.

Though of course, like Max Plank, the Nobel-prize-winning physicist, the common lot of naysayers amongst today's theoretical scientists need reach the FINAL UNDERSTANDING that "matter" is "mothered" by Universal Consciousness! Hence, matter is not even energy, but "shakti" (power) of Self-Essence of an "eternally alive" Infinite Consciousness - of That Which Is.

Getting thus the Truth of Existencewe must evolve. From a beast sexing it up in creation and dissolution. Or with such similar imbibed mythical nonsense. T o the Divine Infinitude, that we are in spirit and in truth.

Thereby live, die accordingly.

Ever at peace with others, the world, and with ourselves.

And when time comes for the body and being to goknow firmly and unflinchingly -owing to the personal 'self-realization' of the Eternal Truth - that we, as Allness of the Wholeare never un-whole. In fact, in essence, are forever alive, un-dead, ever on the go!

Thus, it is an honour to be born, to live, and die a forever - Eternally Whole.