Apr 5, 2015

Knowing, speaks! ~ "Story be told"

O' lord
with you

Who am
" I "
You taketh!

To You
now! all

To, lo!
paupers, kings
death comes.

Cracking both
like a joke
it comes!

my story
without You,
O' lord -

glory be
of, to You -
I, of Whole
did taste.

Fewest, of few
You! do renew
to receive
Thine Grace.

O' Whole
Oneness of
Allness - You!
Thine, am make.

Story be told
when, this being
of form, is gone
let thus, behold.

Name came
gone! as a dream
One, unto Whole
ah! just a game!

Becoming, here
a name, old
dues paid -
One! behold.

Jan 30, 2015

Understanding What Is - Fundamentals of Practical Metaphysics

Lesson 6

Life gives us opportunities for moving ahead, towards success. Those opportunities we missed, never were ours to take. Let the matter go. It was alive then, Now, it is a dead issue. Do not beat dead horses. They do not run. Let go.

Material success gives one the opportunity to get away with a lot of things. People bow in front of power. Spirit does not. Only those "poor in spirit" get ahead in mystical matters. Those who are "full", get left behind.

Scriptural knowledge helps in moving ahead in the realm of Spirit. Beyond a certain point it hinders, not enhances one's chances of success in spiritual matters. Bookish knowledge does not matter eventually. Humility and prayer do.

Type of dress does not matter in the higher realms of spiritual practices. Yet, one must dress-up decently at all times. Nudity in public is for fools. However, one may meditate sans clothes in a safe environment; that too when alone. "To stand naked before God" - is an inner precept, not an outer dress.

A truthful life shall get us nearer God than a willful life of lies ever will. Meditation without a true living, is like being married to a barren woman. The child of Truth is not born to such people.

Even though not knowing the Truth, if one lives a truthful life, one gains much in a Karmic sense. Lot of good Karma accumulates in one's spiritual bank. One day, at the time so ordained, it shall bear fruit. If not now, then, in another life time. Good karma is never lost. 

People do not get "It" because they do not have the aptitude for metaphysical matters. Self-Realization is a jealous mistress. It demands full time and constant attention. Those who cannot provide either of the above, get not the lady of 'That' WHICH IS.

Earthly success seems to bind us. If it makes us more spiritual, certainly success is a blessing. If it binds, do away with it. It shall follow you soon enough.

Money is a means to an end, for a man of Spirit. If it is conducive to success in spiritual matters, it is good. If it hinders one's spiritual advancement, let it go. Soon a balance shall ensue in earthly, and spiritual matters.

Truthfulness is Godliness. Living an honest truthful and an holistic life shall bring you nearer to THAT "Which Is". Whether you get 'IT' or not, is beyond simplistic qualifications. Yet, one must always remain optimistic. Let the Divine work out its Will.

Dec 16, 2014

Gist of the Ancient Gnostic Texts of India - 10 Principal UPANISHADS

Isha Upanishad
“How can a wise man, knowing the Unity of Life, seeing all creatures in himself, be deluded or sorrowful?”
Kena Upanishad
“This wise man clings neither to this nor that, rises out of sense, attains Immortal Life.”
Katha Upanishad 
"The wise man would lose his speech in mind, the mind in intellect, the intellect in nature, the nature in God, and so find Peace.”
Prashna Upanishad 
“My son! Who know the Impersonal Self - wherein the personal self, the living fires, senses, the elements live – he knows All: lives in All.”
Mundaka Upanishad
“The Everlasting is formless, limitless, breathless, mindless, above everything, outside everything, inside everything.”
Mandookaya Upanishad 
“There is nothing that is not Spirit.”
Taittireya Upanishad 
“Bow down to Spirit as the sole object of desire, be the goal of all desires; worship Spirit as the Master of All; become the master of all.”
Aitareya Upanishad 
“There was in the beginning, One Sole Self. No eye winked.” 
Chanddoggya Upanishad 
“When a man is dying, his speech merges into mind, his mind into life, his life into light, his light into the One Being.”

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 
“He who worships him (That Which Is) as one or the other, is ignorant, is imperfect; though he attain completely one or the other perfection. Let him worship ‘Him’ as Self, where all these become the Whole.” 

Oct 30, 2014

The Order of Things that Be! - Practical Metaphysics


There is an order in things that be. All exists for a reason. Every happening has a purpose. Good or bad, all events at a particular moment in history, are linked to each other, as waves unto the ocean are woven in each other. Be baptized with the 'water' of Unity.

We are all inter-related, so-called non-living and the perceived living beings, alike. Each has a use for the other. Respect this Unity of Purpose. in Existence. 

Yesterday was a tomorrow once. Tomorrow shall become a yesterday, at the next sun rise. Today shall also pass. Be still, and watch. Everything comes, and goes. Pain and happiness alike.

Scientists say, an atom is breaking and then, again re-forming, at the rate of 10 x 22 times per second. Therefore, what we see in the world as a solid state, is indeed merely an illusion of solidity. All is in flux. Mystic of the East call this perpetual "seeming" movement, "MAYA" (Illusory Play of the Eternal Divine Oneness).  So, human form too is but a mere illusion. Why cling to what is not real?

Beyond the illusion of this observable phenomenon, is "That", which, causes it. "It' is our Real Self; as elusive as God. Catch your reality. That Which Is, shall follow it. Akin God, as if. 

Al is One, Wholesome Oneness. It remains One in diverse phenomena; becoming less nor more. This Self of Oneness is the Quintessence of your life. Therefore, your Self is Immortal. Forms come, and go. Spirit remains as Immanence of All That Is. Forever.

Take care of the bodily form, as a temple of Spirit. Abuse it not. It is of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, as holy. Honour all, as the Children of One. You too are "That".

Live in harmony with Nature. Honour it, and it shall bestow you with honors. Abuse it, and it shall take away what is bestowed upon you.

All is unto each other, in essence and in spirit. Thus, anything can be created from anywhere. Miracles are possible. Some call it science. Others, the Hand of God.

Be careful what you wish for. You may just get it too. It may or may not be right for you. Better is to do your best. Let Nature bestow you with results, as per your destiny.

Sep 5, 2014

What is the NATURE of Our SOUL?

In the sea there’s no drop. Unless it’s taken out of its primordial abode.
Similarly, we, in quintessence, are never out of “It” – What Is. All is One, Indivisible Whole. This Oneness of Everything is “That”, which, the enlightened beings address as IT.
In due time, in the process of seeking That Which Is, the Ultimate Truth, the “lesser” understanding in the consciousness of meditating beings make them “see things”. One experiences, witnesses the conceptual gods or divine figures of one’s own making, or those heard of, knowingly or unknowingly. Usually, an intermediate meditating seeker, at some time or another, as a consequence of prolonged practice of remembrance of the Divine, is “blessed” by sightings of ethereal entities or places, as residual “baggage” of one’s own inherited isms, faiths and belief systems.
This is the realm where messiahs and religions are born.
Mistaking these “lower” visions to be the beginning and the end of it all, god-man-ship takes root in mediocre, maybe sincere, beings. It is not as if they are lying. It’s just that they start speaking knowing less. For there’s a lot more. Much, much more.
The “chosen” or “blessed” one, the seeker who has followed all the rules of Oneness, especially the one of non-violence towards “lower” beings - neither killing nor eating them -  this being is taken “ahead” in time. If be his or her karma.
In the pure consciousness of the being, a worshipping devotee - not of this or that ism or deity but of the Truth of the Whole - if be one’s destiny, then, the “is-ness” of What is, takes hold. As would river the water.
Visions abound. And suddenly, one day, at the least expected “non-existent” moment in no-thing-ness the being witnessing these surreal visions, in a “non-happening” as if, finds itself to be the “Vision” of the Single Eye.
This “is-ness” of the above “happening” finds its “self” to be the Self of All “That” Is. This “nature” of the-Thing-in-Itself looks around. And “sees” its “ I “ to be all that it surveys. It realizes its “self’” to be All-ness of the Whole of What Is.
Thus, there’s no soul as such!
All is One, Single, Indivisible, Immanent “emptiness” and “fullness” of the Universal Oneness. Whatsoever is, here or “there”, is but One Self. There’s no separate “soul” of you or me! The “end” found by Yogis, Sufis or Free Mystics of an “advanced” order is that at the primordial “beginning” is a Whole-ness; which, is, in nature is an Inseparable Oneness of the Alpha and the Omega.
This is the Nature of the Soul.
It is the Science of Spirituality. All of us are born with the potentiality to find “IT”. But at a given time, a rare enlightened being finds this “That”-ness of one’s own self. For this end, to seek and find the “nature” of our “soul”, we are born. In “IT” we must live, and die.

For, eventually, there’s no you, them or I.